Simplicity vs Complexity

So,you are here.A human being berried in all kind of troubles and debt,etc.You may think that someone else is responsable for all the sadness in your life so you will continue searching for external sources of unhappiness(The boss,work itself,parents,loved ones,friends,etc)and slowly but with a certain amount of awareness you will start killing yourself  day by day a little more.

After a certain age,it could be 21 or earlier,you will start losing your sense of inner identity and it will be quickly replaced by a social stereotype-archetype and i can name a phew: identifying with your corporations your friends maybe a way of life in which it appears that you get affection.

That can’t be you.

All of the hardship of life has one single cause:Complexity

Complexity is when you want to be shallow,yes that’s wright,shallow,and stat expending things in regards of looking at everything as it is.No matter how many ways you can see and describe an apple it is always going to be an apple.That is exactly what you should do with all the things that concern and trouble you daily;remove the width and go into depth of everything that you are.

You are unhappy because you like being unhappy,the amount of things that you consider are “problems” is a way of drawing pity an false affection from the people surrounding you.You fell good because you like people being under your emotional control and they feel good because they are not the only ones playing this game.

Complexity again is a way of running from your-SELF because you stop looking into your inner-being and star seeing “you” in relationship with every aspect of a so called society that has no identity,so yow willingly sell everything you are for something someone is not.


Simplicity,well,is simple it just means being honest to your-Self and to everybody else and look at things for what they really are without judging.

Spirit is simple it just means BREATH.

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